Microsoft adding Linux compatibility

By |Monday, April 4, 2016|

My thoughts about Linux on Windows, and Xamarin becoming entirely free

Everything Old is New

By |Saturday, June 13, 2015|

I have to say I feel sorry for people caught in the Apple Walled Garden. Apple announced a lot of changes to their various OS platforms, and none of them are even slightly new. In fact, they’re almost entirely catchup features. Safari can now do things Chrome has been doing for a long time. OS X can now do things Windows 8 introduced. iOS gets features from Android. It’s basically a “me too” release. Oooh, you can access the GPU directly from applications running on OSX? Well, there’s a surprise. 😐 But wait, it feels all completely new and fantastic because now the system font is the same as that one they put on the tiny little screen of the Apple Watch.

Powershell to get SSH support. Microsoft to contribute to OpenSSH

By |Wednesday, June 3, 2015|

This is kind of a big deal to me. I have been a bit of a unix geek since I was a kid. In 1992 I managed to get hold of a set of Minix disk images and install it on my mother’s 386 computer. Since then, I’ve been fully hooked. I got hold of Linux in 1994 and I haven’t looked back ever since. Windows is for my games, but real work gets done in Linux and BSD. That’s not an insult, just the way I find things to work best for me.

One of the things I love about […]

Twitter App abuses Privacy trust

By |Saturday, November 29, 2014|

This has been a bit of a shock for a lot of people, but it turns out that Twitter wants to know as much about you as it possibly can. So it’s decided to start taking advantage of the trust it has and scanning your phone or tablet for more than just a list of the people you know. Now its going to scan your devices and build a profile of all the apps you have installed as well.

In other words, they’re digging into your phone to get more information about your habits and interests so they can spam […]

Russia picks Samsung devices for Security Reasons

By |Friday, March 28, 2014|

Out of the box Apple wins. Hands down. I fully acknowledge that and am very comfortable with that fact. Apple verses Google as far as data privacy and protection goes, Apple also wins. But as a secure platform, Samsung is definitely ahead in this game. Not even Blackberry can match it at the moment.

The new MySpace preview released

By |Wednesday, September 26, 2012|

Never thought I’d say this, but I’d consider using MySpace again with this interface. Its got a very Google+ feel to it. Well, for those of you that have used G+ on a tablet that is. The side scrolling interface with the images is very much like the tablet version of the G+ app. I like the idea of integrating music playlists with events for parties, and then grouping all the photos together. Again, borrowed from Google+ Events but with added playlists.

Over all, theres a lot of good here. And it definitely improves on what descended into a horrific […]

Facebook’s business model in trouble

By |Monday, August 6, 2012|

At what point do people finally realise that the emperor has no clothes?

When you get these kind of accusations, they’re very hard to defend against. Especially when your entire livelihood, your complete business model, is what is being attacked here.

Facebook has no business model that will help it survive in the long term. It intends to sell apps via its new “App Center” but even that is a losing proposition. People have to reduce the security of their devices to use those apps through Facebook. Or Facebook just redirects to one of the markets/stores already out there. Further […]

Valve starts porting Steam and games to Ubuntu

By |Friday, July 27, 2012|

Steam is coming to Linux, but for the wrong reasons.

Musings on why I never finished Mass Effect 3

By |Saturday, June 30, 2012|

I was playing a bit of Torchlight tonight and realised that its been a very long time since I played ME3. I never finished ME3. Not because I don’t like the game, far from it. I love the whole series. I couldn’t figure out exactly why, and then it hit me.

Its not on Steam.

I’ve been buying the Humble Bundle for a while now. I love the idea of supporting the devs that make indie games in such a way and I will often try to pay what I expect the games would go for on Steam if I don’t […]

How digital media stores have changed our behaviour

By |Friday, April 13, 2012|

I still buy lots of physical media. However, my collection of games bought off Steam currently is large enough that the backups/installers for the games I have actually taken time to download fill an entire 2 terabyte drive. There are games associated with my Steam account that I haven't ever downloaded yet. I still have countless boxed editions of games going back to the early 1990s, and for rare occasions I still buy boxed games when I think the game warrants it. Nearly always the Collectors Edition. But I also have the Steam versions of many boxed games I have purchased. So some games I have paid for several times. Why?